Becky Pister


Direct Phone Line: 818 851-3878

Becky’s family has a long and storied history in the insurance business. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Illinois in 1997. Becky has much experience in high end specialty services, sales, health and life insurance and of course property and casualty.

Becky takes great pride in her expert knowledge and ability to advise Western Gold clients how to optimize their coverage while protecting their most valuable assets. Becky loves to help and be of service.

Becky Pister’s Written Client Testimonials

Tianzhi W.:5staricons-v3

I received a mail from the Western Gold Insurance agency group unexpectedly twenty days ago which provided me very competitive premium for my landlord insurance. And then I transfer my landlord insurance from the previous insurance company to this insurance agency group. The procedure very smoothly and the agent Becky was very nice. I am very happy that I saved the premium and very satisfied with the result. So I would like to recommend agent Becky and Western Gold insurance Agency group.

Randilyn D.:5staricons-v3

Applied for a life insurance policy through my agent, Becky. She was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and it was a very easy process!

Miriam M.:5staricons-v3

I was extremely happy with the service that I received at Western Gold Insurance; Becky answered all my questions and was very accessible. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.

William M.:5staricons-v3

I live in the hills above Pasadena and have been insured with Liberty Mutual for many years. However, this year we received a notice of non-renewal. Apparently, Liberty Mutual, and a number of other insurance companies I would come to find out, rerated our area and are no longer writing insurance due to the fire danger. I found this somewhat ironic as the Station Fire caused no damage to our community and left little remaining brush in the surrounding hills to burn.

I personally contacted a number of insurers looking for replacement coverage, including AAA, Farmers, State Farm, Travelers, The Hartford, among others. From each I heard that they were no longer writing insurance in the area. A couple of the brokers I spoke with looked for coverage and came back with policies from specialty insurers with worse coverage than I have historically carried and at astronomical pricing. With Liberty Mutual, my annual premiums have been approximately $2,500. However, the annual quotes from the specialty insurers were coming in between $7,000 and $8,000. Holy crap, three times the cost and inferior coverage!

At this point I called Western Gold Insurance and I am so happy that I did! My agent Becky Pister worked with Chubb, one of the best insurers available (but usually very expensive), and she was able to get a great policy for me. The process took some time and the underwriters from Chubb had a ton of questions, but Becky took care of everything. In the end, I got a substantially better policy than my historical Liberty Mutual policy and Becky was able to bring the premium in at $3,000. What a relief!

At this point, I couldn’t imagine working with a broker other than Becky Pister and would recommend her to my closest friends. I noted a number of poor reviews on Yelp for this agency, but I have a very difficult time reconciling these negative reviews with my completely positive experience. While every situation is different, and some may be more challenging than others, I am nothing but completely satisfied.

Just ask for Becky!

Michael K.:5staricons-v3

I’ve been using a large auto insurance company for as many years as I can remember. Recently, I received my policy renewal and the rates had increased substantially. I decided to call Western Gold to compare rates and spoke with Becky. Not only did she save me money on my auto insurance, but also on homeowner’s insurance. I recommend giving Western Gold a try for all your insurance needs.

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