Chris Barrett

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Direct Phone Line: 818 851-3883

Chris has been honing and perfecting his insurance knowledge and skills for some five years now. He has developed keen skills and knowledge in personal lines insurance, home and auto. He also excels in commercial insurance especially income properties.

You can find Chris on the point break of Malibu Beach. He is an expert big wave rider and constantly and vigorously trains to meet the challenge. Chris says that just like big wave surfing, insurance provides a challenge to navigate all the carriers and come up with the best solutions for his clients.

Chris Barrett’s Written Client Testimonials

Steve Z.:5staricons-v3

My agent Chris is the best! He has saved me money on 5 different policies. After a couple of years, one policy went up, I called back Chris, and he got me another great deal with another carrier! They have multiple options, which is very beneficial. My last company had 1 choice, 1 size fits all, and it did not fit. Cramming round pegs into square holes. Call Chris! He’ll hook you up!

James X.:5staricons-v3

I use Western Gold on my home. I’m glad I called Chris Barret to change my insurance

From CIG to CES. Save me a lot. Thanks Western Gold.

Samir S.:5staricons-v3

I originally responded to one of their advertisement mailers – but it was a very specific letter signed by the head of the group saying they could get rental home insurance at a good price. I called them – and worked with Chris Barrett – sure enough – he was able to save me some $$$’s on a rental property I own.

This month my personal home insurer (Farmers) raised their rates 21% after about the same rise last year. I was getting frustrated by the huge increases. I called Geico (which acts as an agent), Costco insurance partner, and Chris at Western Gold —- Chris’s insurer quote was a whopping 36% lower than what Farmers quoted – and also beat the Geico & Costco quote handily. He was very detailed about getting all my home details right so I could get the most accurate quote. Will work with these folks again.

Dennis S.:5staricons-v3

Chris gave me many options for my multiple homes and my (5) car Auto policy. I thought I had the lowest rates since I was insured thru a Costco affiliate for the last (3) years. Chris blew away their rates to the tune of a 27% savings and over $740.00. He took the time to shop over 40 insurance companies and got me the best deal out there. I’ve already referred friends and family which is the highest form of flattery. Goes to show there were many options and they are not one size fits all. Thanks Chris Dennis S

Roop J.:5staricons-v3

I have used this insurance agency over a number of years and always have had an excellent experience. Their response is quick and the rates are competitive. I have never had to use any claims though. Chris Barrett provides excellent service and best possible rates in a very timely manner.

Roop Jain

Dorothy P.:5staricons-v3

My neighbor referred me to Chris at Western Gold; he was such a nice guy. I was able to get a great Home Owners Ins plan, as well as Life Insurance plans for each of my sons.

He was very patient and funny while answering all my silly questions. He then fully custom engineered a package of plans that worked perfectly for my family’s needs. I will be recommending him to any of my friends looking for insurance.

Gretchin H.:5staricons-v3

Being a single mom two time zones away from my family can be very stressful at times, like when I have to take my car in for repairs, OR like last week when I had to get new car insurance!

I was totally stressed; this is not my area of expertise. I had honestly never gotten my own insurance; my dad had always taken care of it for me. After he passed away I just kept the same policy he had setup, because I knew it must have been a good policy, and it was one of the last things he helped me with.

Luckily, I ran into a neighbor that specializes in this (I love how the universe works).

Chris ([email protected]) helped me through the entire process, got me a great policy (I asked my brother’s advice before signing), and I got a better rate than I had anticipated. I never felt pressured or OVER sold, I even followed up and add on a few extras, because he knew the price was very important to me.

The entire process only took a few hours. He is now helping me set-up a life insurance so my little guy will be taken care of G-D forbid anything happens to me!

If you need insurance, or want to see if you can get a lower rate I would totally recommend that you give Chris a call 818-851-3872.

THANKS AGAIN CHRIS, you are amazing!

Marcia T.:5staricons-v3

I’m still in shock having just moved back to California from Texas, to find that my car insurance is substantially less here than it was there. Plus…I had three other quotes and Western Gold beat them all! Chris Barrett was awesome to deal with and made the whole transaction go very smoothly!! Thanks guys!!

Shane W.:5staricons-v3

After receiving an advertisement by mail I called Western Gold Insurance and, man, am I glad I did! My agent is Chris Barrett. First off, Chris saved me over $800 per year on my combined home, rental (1 duplex), and auto policies! Chris was very professional. He sent all of the estimates electronically for my review and then sent me the policies to sign electronically once I gave him the green light (which didn’t take long)! I can’t say enough about the value that Chris provided for me with these new policies. Way to go Chris and Western Gold!

Mike A.:5staricons-v3

Just got my 2nd home insurance through Chris. Nice and friendly. Thanks

C K.:5staricons-v3

I love Western Gold and my agent Chris B. I was with Farmers for years; I did not realize how much I was over paying, and how bad my service was until I called Western Gold. My Agent Chris saved me 40% on my home and auto. The service at Western Gold is great as well. I even tried to file a claim with Farmers, which they denied, no loyalty factor. What was I paying for? I trust Western Gold with everything now. They shop my policy every year with a bunch of carriers and get me the best rate, best policy, best service. Thank you Chris.

Adam S.:

Western Gold is a great agency. I call my agent Chris and tell him what I need. Chris shops it with over 40 companies and gets me the best policy. Best price, best policy, best service. I recommend Western Gold to everyone. Chris also sends me 25 gas cards for referrals!

H Y.:5staricons-v3

My last insurance company was increased my home owner policy 30% this year and

Chris Barrett (Western Gold Insurance) help me search and fond Mercury Insurance that save me a lot $$$, Chris have quick response and patience on my questions, I am very happy on it, thank you Chris!

Victor D.:5staricons-v3

I recently decided to search for a new insurance company for property insurance on our home, and called Western Gold Insurance Agency, and worked with Chris Barrett. I was very pleased that Chris got us a new insurance policy with a reputable company for a much, much lower cost than my current policy, with MORE coverage. Chris and his agency were very courteous, knowledgeable, and responsive through the entire process. Thanks Western Gold Insurance Agency, Inc.!!!!

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