Patty Bautista


Direct Phone Line: 818 851-3886

Patty is a native Californian and mother of four amazing boys. She joined Western Gold in 2003 and has built her considerable insurance knowledge and skills to become one of the highest producers and reliable agents. Patty has a great ability to understand each clients’ situation and then design a custom solution which improves their coverage and usually saves them considerable premium dollars. Her vast knowledge and experience make an expert professional senior agent.

Patty likes to spend her leisure time exercising and staying fit. She also enjoys cooking for her family, attending her four boys’ sports events and just lots of quality family time.

Patty Bautista’s Written Client Testimonials

Yogi S.:5staricons-v3

I liked the customer service provided by Patty Bautista. Western Gold insurance provided an economical quote in timely manner. I would recommend to all my family and friends.

Loretta C.:5staricons-v3

If it wasn’t for the well thought out letter I would have never changed carriers, with the great savings I was able to get a full package and all my discounts. Thanks Patricia for helping me provide better for family. Great company and awesome prices!!

Teresa J.:5staricons-v3

Great customer service!!!

Thanks Patty

Jack S.:5staricons-v3

I am really happy that I found Patty Bautistia. She is very helpful and knowledgeable. She worked with me to get the best coverage for the best price. She took the time to explain everything so I would understand what coverage I was purchasing. I would highly recommend her.

Cindy P.:5staricons-v3

At the end of May, I received a letter in the mail regarding my rental property’s H/O insurance that was going to be up for renewal. On the back side of the letter was a quote which was $129 less expensive than what I had. If it seems too good to be true, it’s a scam, I thought, so I checked them out with the BBB and Yelp. BBB rates them A, accredited since Nov 12, 2010 and the Yelp reviews were positive, so I figured it didn’t hurt to make a call and see if this quote was for real, or a bait and switch.

When I called, a lady named Patty answered the phone and I said, “Are you Patty Bautista?” She replied “yes” and I said “I’ve been reading about you on Yelp.” I explained the reason for my call, told her I thought it was a bait and switch, that there was no way they could quote me such a low premium.

I told her that I have been with my H/O insurance company for 10 years, I shop for better deals every couple of years and nobody has ever been able to beat them. Well, color me wrong, because not only did Patty beat her own quote on the letter by another $32, I also got not only more, but on some coverages, double the amount of coverage! Again, for less!

The short story; not only did I switch this rental’s H/O insurance to Patty; she saved me on my other rental as well as on my primary home! Again, after being with the other company for 10 years with all 3, I have now gone with a company that Western Gold shopped. They did all the work, I got the savings.

After all was said and done, I thought why not see if she can beat my car insurance company, who again I was with for 10 years and nobody, could ever beat. Unbelievable! She did it, and now we have also changed our auto insurance, once again, with more coverage for less money!

In closing, I have to say that it was such a pleasure working with Patty. She is very knowledgeable, extremely prompt in returning calls or e-mailing you a quote, so friendly and the entire process in changing 4 insurance policies over to her was an incredibly smooth transition, not to mention a money-saving endeavor for me. Thank you Patty, for all your hard work and for making this experience so stress-free. I really appreciate all that you did for me.

Jeff S.:5staricons-v3

Patty Bautista is great! She was patient and kind and walked me through what she needed to help me cancel my other home policy and got me into a much more reasonable policy with even better coverage for much less!

I saved hundreds of dollars switching to Western Gold representing me for Home insurance.

With Patty’s help I got a check from my previous company in the mail for a pretty large sum, which went right away to good use.

You are absolutely crazy if you do not give these folks a call for your insurance needs!

It’s painless and quick. Very happy that I switched!


Jeff .S

Luis C.:5staricons-v3

We moved all ours insurances to Western Gold Insurance Agency, for great Service, thank you to our agent Patricia Bautista, She is great.

Luis R Cabrera and

Maria E Cabrera

Shu L.:5staricons-v3

I received a proposed insurance quote for my home in the mail and I normally would just take a look and toss. But I am glad I kept the mail and decided to give it a try. Patty Bautista answered my call and she is so wonderful to talk to. She has been quite helpful in fulfilling all my insurance needs – I moved everything over. The process is smooth and Patty is very knowledgeable. She is a pleasant professional to work with and I definitely recommend her and the Agency.

Sanharib Y.:5staricons-v3

I was very happy to make the call for my car and rental property insurance. I shopped around for the best deal, and thanks to Patty Bautista with her excellent customer service and knowledge of the products I purchased. I’m recommending Patty for anyone’s insurance needs.

Harry G.:5staricons-v3

My sister recommended Patty Bautista for the homeowner insurance. Patty helped out providing very competitive premiums with better coverage for my properties. Awesome service!

Michael G.:5staricons-v3

I was really shocked lately when I got my latest homeowners/auto insurance policy. I had been with this insurance company for at least 10 years, and had never filed a single claim. This year the premium almost doubled. Luckily, I had got a letter in the mail a few weeks ago from Western Gold Insurance Agency which stated that they can save me a considerable amount. I didn’t believe it but I called anyway. Got a hold of Patricia B and after getting the required info, she was able to save me hundreds of dollars. Patricia was very professional and at the same time extremely pleasant and nice to talk to. I never hope to make a claim because that would mean something unpleasant has happened, but the policy that she found us, gives us peace of mind while being much more affordable. Thanks Patricia, I will absolutely let my contacts know about you and Western Gold for their insurance needs.

David L.:5staricons-v3

My experience with Patty Bautista in purchasing my property insurance has been fantastic. She has provided outstanding and responsive services. She saved me $370 annually on my home insurance. I would definitely recommend Patty at Western Gold Insurance Agency. I suggested Western Gold to 2 of my friends and they switched their home insurance to WG.

Lily L.:5staricons-v3

Patricia Bautista was excellent! She is willing to help in much insurance need. I brought a rental house insurance and very happy with her services! I totally recommend!!!

Cristina P.:5staricons-v3

So far it’s been great. I was recommended by a family member for my homeowners insurance. After shopping around I did get the best offer from Western gold. Patty Bautista has helped me from start to finish and I even moved my car insurance over because I got more coverage and great discounts!

Stephen W.:5staricons-v3

Western Gold through their agent, Patty Bautista, was remarkably skilled, responsive, congenial, and economics of my time. I rank Patty and her firm as the best and most effective I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with. In an era when insurance can be mercurial, it is a pleasure to find such a gem.

Joanne C.:5staricons-v3

Patty at Western Gold did great! I got more coverage for less $$. Thank you! I will recommend you to friends and family.

Ruby B.:5staricons-v3

Soooo Glad we called! Got way better coverage for less! Patty was awesome, professional and helpful. She made sure that we thoroughly understood and she her took time. She follows up via phone and email. I will spread the word on Western Gold Insurance awesome awesome, awesome! When in doubt double check with Western Gold Insurance Agency and you’ll be glad that you did!

Don P.:5staricons-v3

Patty is great!

She helped me save money and obtain a good insurance package for my cars and house!

Prince A.:5staricons-v3

Patty was very helpful. Extremely satisfied with her excellent customer service. Above all, she was able to save me a couple of $$$. Best insurance agency so far!

Jade C.:5staricons-v3

Usually I don’t pay attention in the commercial ad that mailed to my house. But this time I make a wise choice. Not only just read but call and switch my home insurance policy. With help from Patty Bautista, my home insurance bill has cut down and gotten more protection. I will recommend Western Golden Agency and Patty to all my friends.

John N.:5staricons-v3

Patty bautista was great! Very nice and professional, saved us money on our homeowners INS!!

Melina G.:5staricons-v3

Patty Bautista was excellent! She was super sweet and very helpful; I saved on my new home Insurance! Totally recommend!!!

Karin A.:5staricons-v3

I just had a pleasant “Homeowner’s Insurance” experience with Patty B. My previous insurance didn’t have the coverage that Mercury Insurance offers. It also had a higher premium. Patty was able, in a very polite and nice way to take care of changing the policy and saving us money. Thank you Patty!

Francine M.:5staricons-v3

I was told good things from friends about Western Gold Insurance and how they can same me money on my auto and home with more coverage than before.

When I called they answered the phone quick and answered all my questions. I ended up saving about 200 dollars from my last insurance company from AAA. I am now with Mercury for my auto and home. Thanks Patricia!

Velvalean W.:5staricons-v3


My experience with Patty B. in purchasing my property insurance with Western Gold Insurance has been wonderful. Patty has the patience and the ability to assist anyone for any insurance needs, Home, Auto or whatever. I am so happy that I made the phone call to Western Gold and I will recommend your Agency to anyone. Again

Thank you.


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