Understanding your risks and mitigation needs offers the best protection

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Today, more than 10 million Californians will participate in the largest disaster preparedness event ever when they drop, cover and hold on. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is reminding Californians to prepare before the next earthquake hits with a few simple steps that can save your life and help you recover from disaster.

“You have the opportunity to prepare for the next disaster today, and make recovering easier,” said Commissioner Jones.

“In observance of the Great ShakeOut I urge all Californians to make a preparedness plan and practice it. Before the next big one hits, make sure you take a few simple steps to mitigate your risk of injury and loss.”

Californians know it’s not if but when the next earthquake will hit. Even a small or moderate temblor can cause significant damage. The magnitude 6.0 quake that struck Napa on August 24 is a good reminder that residents need to take steps to protect themselves, their loved ones and their belongings by making sure they have the coverage they need and they take simple, inexpensive mitigation steps.

Standard homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for earthquake damage. Earthquake insurance must be purchased separately and is typically designed as a catastrophic policy to cover tens of thousands of dollars in structural damage. The majority of quakes are moderate and cause damage and injury when furniture and belongings tumble and break. For about $100, the average person can protect themselves and their family by using Velcro appliance and furniture straps, cabinet latches and quake putty to secure those items that fall and break during a quake.