Reasons Why You Should Consider Earthquake Protection for Your Home

  1. Earthquake insurance is surprisingly affordable now.
  2. Deductibles are now lower than ever, 2 ½ %!
  3. There has not been major movement on the San Andreas Fault for over 159 years. Seismologists say the San Andreas fault is locked and loaded, ready to go off.


When this fault erupts it will certainly cause other faults to erupt as well. If your home is near or around a fault it could be disastrous. The reason for purchasing earthquake protection is that your homes equity will be protected. The more equity you have in your home, the more it makes sense to protect it from the resulting damage of an earthquake. In 1994, our agency paid out over $500 million in earthquake losses for the Northridge earthquake. Our agency at that time had many condominium homeowner associations and single family homes insured. Our agency client participation with earthquake coverage was about 91% in 1994. Today, 2016 our average client participation rate with earthquake coverage is only about 42%.

In 1994, when those homeowner clients and condominium board members called to ask if they had earthquake and how the coverage would work, they were very pleased to find out they were fully covered and their homes and condos would be restored 100%, subject to their deductible. Their deductible was generally absorbed in the overall payout because some things were not deemed “important” to fix but yet they received a check for these items. So all and all, earthquake insurance saved our clients $500 million! That’s half of a billion dollars of earthquake payout for our clients in 1994!

It is interesting to note that the San Andreas fault has not ruptured in over 159 years. Seismologists say it is “locked and loaded” and models suggest a history of major tectonic plate movement at 130 year intervals. One could conclude that the San Andreas fault is 29 years overdue for a major shift. When it finally does rupture, we do not know what the damage will be but we do know it will be significant. We also know, it will surely trigger several other faults in California cities and neighborhoods.

So it makes good sense that the more equity you have in your home to get an earthquake proposal from your professional Western Gold agent. They can help you determine how much earthquake coverage you need and vary the price accordingly with the deductible. We can make it affordable, we can make your deductible manageable for you. Wouldn’t it be better to be protected against this inevitable, catastrophic event than have your home red tagged with your only hope from FEMA?

We are here to help, we have great advice, we have great experience, we have all the companies. With our agents help and advice, you can custom design your own earthquake policy, amount of coverage and deductibles that are determined by you, with a price that’s affordable and manageable.