Western Gold Core Agency Values

  1. We will always tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear.
  2. We always place our Western Gold clients’ interests above our carriers and our agencies’ interests.
  3. We will never, “guess the answer” to a coverage question.
  4. Sometimes we may tell you, “We do not know the answer to your question. However, we will research and verify the correct answer and inform you in a timely fashion”.
  5. We will always offer an annual review of your policy coverages or upon request.
  6. Western Gold has appointments and access to hundreds of insurance carriers. We will always search out the very best carrier from our hundreds to match your unique insurance needs for the best fit and solution.
  7. We will always treat you with dignity and respect.
  8. Western Gold agents will always strive to clearly communicate and provide the highest level of personal service.
  9. We will always return your call and answer all your questions as rapidly as possible.
  10. Regardless of how much we or you know about insurance, there is always more to learn.