Homeowners Insurance

Western Gold has over 100+ insurance carriers to choose from: we insure homes in the entire state of California and seven other western states. We know your home is unique and special and requires expert attention to make sure you’re receiving the very best policy, the very best coverage, and at a reasonable and low-cost.

Our agents are highly qualified to research and match your home’s special characteristics with the best insurance carrier for you. There is never one size fits all at Western Gold. We are constantly searching the insurance market for the best carriers because our clients have the most unique homes in the entire country and deserve the best policy, coverage and price.

Most of our client’s homes are located in what we call designated brush areas, near mountains, near lakes, rivers, streams, and the ocean. This requires a high level of expertise to match your unique insurance needs and obtain the absolute best coverage with a favorable and reasonable price.

When you call our agents they automatically follow a process where they first look at your home’s location, it’s individual and unique construction including square footage, upgrades, unique features, hazards, special liability requirements, and homeowner association requirements. They also explore the terrain surrounding your home such as clearance from natural flammable brush, where the home is located with regard to the angle of up-slope and down-slope, your local fire departments requirements for brush clearance, distance to fire protection and hydrants. These are just a few of the areas we explore to qualify your home to receive the best insurance coverage, the best homeowner carrier to suit your unique homeowner location and needs while finding the lowest and best price.